AdaptEar nominated for a “Noise Oscar” !

LimitEar®, designers of the world’s most innovative hearing protection solutions for earpiece users, is very proud that their AdaptEar product was nominated as a finalist for the prestigious Noise Abatement Society’s “John Connell Technology Award”. Sponsored by the Institute of Acoustics, this award has been widely dubbed as the “Noise Oscars”.

Stephen Wheatley, MD of LimitEar said “We are very happy and proud to be nominated for this award. AdaptEar is a simple yet effective way of protecting the hearing of tens of thousands of people in broadcasting, entertainment and security businesses. Anybody who uses a personal mobile radio (PMR) with ear pieces will benefit from the protection that AdaptEar provides.”

In use at the ATP Tennis

Use of the product is fast gaining momentum and ITV presenter Gary Imlach used his AdaptEar® extensively during his coverage of this year’s Tour de France and found it invaluable. Broadcasting live from the stage finish towns across France, he had to be able to hear communications and cues. AdaptEar® allowed him to do this as well as protecting him from the potential dangers of acoustic shock. The AdaptEar® connects simply and quickly between the radio and the earpiece and instantaneously protects the user from high sound levels whilst allowing normal noises through with no attenuation or distortion.

After providing event security for the AGM of a “global super-brand”, Tony McNally, director at Amicus Mentor, said that in addition to providing hearing protection the AdaptEar® also “…. provides the user with simultaneous control over both a radio and a mobile phone. Our Managers and Team Leaders are required to carry and communicate by both radio and mobile phone which traditionally means listening to the radio and the mobile phone via separate earpieces or in many cases using a mobile phone without the use of an earpiece.  In a tough working environment the mobile phone is usually set to vibrate and not ring which can lead to missed calls or the user being temporarily distracted during the call process. With AdaptEar® our operatives can monitor radio traffic and telephone communication simultaneously which means they are not distracted from the job in hand.”

Ned Boulting, a familiar face from ITV’s football coverage, said “Doing live interviews means that I have to have reliable communications. With AdaptEar I could listen to both Walkie Talkie (to communicate with my cameraman) and Talkback simultaneously to ensure that I got my cues”

AdaptEar® is a powerful yet lightweight product that can be connected to Radios, communication systems and earpieces from all major brands.